Journal No. 2: The Writer in Me

  1. I have second thoughts about writing because…

On which kind of story I stories I want to write to begin with. Also if I have an idea to make a story, but I have trouble with my grammar.

  • I like to write because…

I want other people to read them, because I want to share my thoughts and my hidden talent as well. Because why not share it.

  • I would like to write about…

A story about how toxic invades a person’s surroundings, five stages of grief, seven deadly sins in the modern world, and memoirs of an innocent human.

  • I want to write my experiences on…

A one piece sheet of paper, and then I would grab a pen. Writing it all down feels like any kinds of experiences are truly a remarkable opportunity to grab on.

  • I look up to Jane Austin, the author of Pride and Prejudice, because the story focuses on the various ways love may develop or fade, as well as whether society allows for passionate love and marriage to coexist.

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